What types of animals do you communicate with?

Outside of my clients, I communicate with many animals on a daily basis.  Because birds are so mobile, they’re usually my most common visitor.  I have animals seek me out in many situations.  I can communicate with animals both living and deceased.

Do you talk with animals all the time?

Communication sessions take a great amount of focus and a quite environment.  That means I’m not talking to animals all day long, but it’s something I love doing when I am able.  There are many birds who visit me regularly, and sometimes they follow me around when I’m outdoors.  I seem to attract finches and humming birds, but I’ve attracted many wild and domestic animals throughout my life.  You can read about my stories here.

Could my question upset my pet?

Anytime I communicate with a pet, I don’t ask your questions right away.  I will talk with them to get to know them, and to let them get to know me.  For more sensitive questions, I will first get a feel of situation.  If I sense that your pet does not want to talk about a specific issue I will respect their wishes.  I never push an issue that may cause your pet to become more upset.  However, that kind of reaction is rare.  The vast majority of pets I have communicated with are glad to share their feelings with someone.  In fact, many pets are actually thinking about you more than you think, and they’re just happy if they can reassure you.

Can you talking to a diseased pet?

I can communicate with diseased pets, however the process is more fleeting.  Usually long enough to ask one question or to get a short reading of thoughts or feelings.  Talking to a pet which has passed away can be more difficult,  so it helps to have more photos, I recommend 6.


Can I learn Animal Communication?

You can practice on wild animals or pets.  Birds,