Your Pet Has Something To Say

I Can Help You Hear Them

I can communicate with your pet by connecting directly to their mind through thoughts.  I can ask them questions, send them a message, check about a specific topic, or just get an idea about how they’re feeling. I can "listen to" and "feel" the thoughts and emotions of animals.  I'm able to communicate with animals in person or at a distance.  I always need a visual source to work with.   This is a talent I've had since childhood, something which has been passed down through my family.  I will give you a detailed description about what I learned when I was in contact with your pet.  This includes their feelings, answers to any questions, or ideas they presented on how to solve problems you or they might have. You might be surprised by what your pet is thinking!

About Shannon

Shannon has been communicating with animals since childhood.  She began dog training at the age of 16 I had a pretty unique childhood, growing up surrounded by many different animals  in a Dr. Doolittle-ish household.  Both of my parents loved animals and worked as dog trainers.  This means, in addition to our own animal crew, and dogs in training, my parents would find sick or injured animals and nurse them back to health. In fact, the whole neighborhood knew about us and people dropped of wildlife in need including baby sparrows, rabbits, doves, etc. That’s usually what I spent my summers, raising baby or hurt animals.  I have worked as an animals behaviorist and dog trainer for 12 years. 2 degrees, 2 languages, web design, artist environmentalist, organic food. humane farming.


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Communication Session

How To Get Started

In order to communicate with your pet I will need a visual source.  Ideally, I ask for 3 recent photos. If you can provide more photos, or a video, that's even better. If the question relates to your pet's past, it helps to have a photo of them from that time period.

Please provide a detailed description of the situation and behavior you would like to ask about. Animal thoughts tend to be visual and sometimes abstract.  Sometimes your pet sees a situation very differently from you, so it helps to have your perspective first.

Thank you so much for communicating with my Violet.  This makes me feel much better.  I love your work and appreciate your time!  Very good communication and responsive to my questions/concerns.  Will use again!

Amanda H.

Violet the cat

She was fast in replying and I look forward to trying her suggestions on cat food 🙂

Kasandra V.

Rustle the cat

Thank you Shannon I appreciate your help.


Jubei the dog

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